Friday, March 21, 2008

Just a little joke

My friend Sherry who is in my EMT class works for the National Guard. She has a casualty kit to doll "victims" up for medic training. She had her coworker drop off the kit and she put it in the bathroom so no one knew. During a break we went into the bathroom and she did me up with glass in my forehead and head, scratches, pavement, and lots and lots of blood. It took awhile so we walked into class after it had started again (that night just so happened to be bleeding and shock night). Everyone turned and looked when the door opened and I shuffled in slowly and let out a very agonized sound. We got them soo good!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm so happy!

After having an enlightening talk with the director of the P.A. program this week, I think I have finally figured out what to do!

My major is now Spanish. I despised Biology anyways, and the director told me they want people with diversity. Plus, he told me they have thought about making two years of Spanish a requirement to get into the program, so they obviously think Spanish is important.

I will do the Paramedic program my junior year.

Then finish up my bachelor's senior year, and apply for P.A. school that spring!

Sometimes things just happen how they're supposed to. I'm on track for these plans, without knowing ahead of time this is the way I would want to go.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Here's an update for people (probably just my wonderful cousins who just HAD to move away) that I haven't talked to in awhile. I miss you guys.

My current major is biology with a minor in spanish. I set on that path to go to P.A. school after my Bachelor's. This semester I am also certifying to be an EMT-Basic. I've realized I truly love this kind of work and am now extremely seriously considering switching my major to spanish and becoming a paramedic (which is only an Associate's). A bilingual paramedic would be pretty valuable don't you think?

I am president of LDSSA on campus. That is the Latter Day Saints Student Association. It is tough. The club has never really gotten its feet on the ground so I've had no foundation to build on. It doesn't help that to be a member you HAVE to also be enrolled in an Institute class. There are few members and my attempts to get things started have basically failed. I sent out an email to try and get a first meeting scheduled, and two people replied. That was a flop. Today I did phone calling to ask for help at a couple events this week, and out of the people who I talked to, one guy can help. It's a little frustrating. Hopefully I can get things going better.

I am on Institute Council. What an amazing calling! I work with four great people along with the Institute Director to plan and carry out activities for each month for the entire area. We also take turns conducting opening exercises at Institute on Thursday nights and providing treats after for about 75 people! (For around 50 dollars, mind you!) I can safely say we ROCK at figuring out good treats for a good amount of people for a good price! This calling has truly been such a great opportunity for me. I almost shudder to think what my life would be like without the friends I have made through it. God really can make more out of our lives for us than we can for ourselves.

And the answer you have been waiting for...NO, I don't have a boyfriend. Tory doesn't have to interview anyone yet like he has threatened he will. :D

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

100 things about me.

I am totally copying Katy and Annie, but I loved their blogs with 100 things about themselves! So here I go with 100 things about me.
1) My eyes change colors depending on my mood and how I feel.
2) Despite some crazy partying friends, I have NEVER tried alcohol or drugs.
3) If I'm crying about physical pain, it literally
guarantees I have to see a doctor. The times I've actually cried about pain, I've been messsssssed up.
4) I can't stand having my fingernails painted.
5) I can cross my pinky toe on my right foot.
6) I have a water pillow. Yay for the chiropractor's really good suggestion.
7) The ring I wear everyday (other than my CTR ring) was a gift from my parents on my 16th birthday.
8) I love fishing and find it very relaxing.
9) Hoodies are my favorite.
10) When something is really funny it's hard for me to stop laughing.
11) I'm a good artist, but only with pencil. I can't paint worth anything.
12) I have super tiny wrists.
13) I really enjoy watching football and I miss being a trainer.
14) I think Annie's eskimo bars are quite possibly the most divine substance known to mankind.
15) I really like hip hop.
16) I'm an only child.
17) I'm good at Guitar Hero but suck at every other video game ever.
18) Sometimes I dirty dance when I'm home and no one's watching. :] You gotta get it out of your system somehow right?
19) I occasionally sing in the shower when there's a good song on the radio.
20) I hate being cold or shivering.
21) I'm a pyro.
22) One of my biggest pet peeves is getting ready in the mornings.
23) I'm a really fast typer.
24) And also a very fast texter.
25) The game Boxers or Briefs never fails to make me laugh til I cry.
26) I was lucky enough to get my mom's side of the family's eyes.
27) I wish I still had flawless skin on my face like I did in high school. Ugh.
28) I enjoy reading good books.
29) Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.
30) Except I miss my cat too much when I'm gone.
31) I don't really like eating spaghetti or other super messy foods in public.
32) One of my favorite smells is Fierce.
33) I like cuddling.
34) I have bad back problems that got started when my family was in a terrible car wreck when I was four. My spine got stretched 2-3 inches in the accident.
35) I despise seafood with a fiery burning passion.
36) I love having friends that I can sit and do nothing in particular with but still have a blast.
37) I love thunderstorms.
38) I get claustrophobic in situations that you might not believe.
39) I can get really shy sometimes.
40) The name "testosterone TV" was started with me describing Matt's TV. Since then, the name has stuck and everyone loves it.
41) I love shooting guns and just so happen to be very good at it.
42) I can't handle sleeping with my head under the blankets. I wish I could, but every time I've pulled them over my head I feel like I'm going to suffocate.
43) I look really funny in baseball hats.
44) I've only passed out twice in my life.
45) I love scrapbooking.
46) I'm a good photographer. It runs in my family.
47) I like eating pickles at midnight with Katy.
48) The first (and only) man to propose to me was four years old. And I love him to death.
49) I'm creative.
50) I teach the sunbeams in Primary.
51) I started my first college class the day after I graduated from high school.
52) I really enjoy working out. I guess you could say I'm an endorphin junkie. (That's the happy chemical your brain releases when you exercise.)
53) I get sunburned pretty easily but it turns tan a couple days later.
54) I'm a big tomboy but I've heard that most people's first impression of me is that I'm preppy. Yikes.
55) My family has a lot of traditions and I love them.
56) My family is the best.
57) I HATE rollercoasters.
58) I am an extremely curious person.
59) I'm OCD about the order I get ready for bed every night.
60) Cereal is my late night snack.
61) I have a friend who is a Marine and I am very proud of him.
62) I'm a night owl.
63) Don't laugh... I'm super scared of the dark.
64) I really don't like being outside in the rain but I love driving in it or laying on my bed and listening to it.
65) I dream a lot at night.
66) My cousins' kids are my "nieces" and "nephews". They are incredible.
67) I love Mexican food.
68) I know what heartbreak feels like, and unfortunately I've broken a heart and maybe two. Those combined have made me a little cautious now..
69) I love concerts. I have seen these bands: 3 Doors Down, Red, Buckcherry, 3 Days Grace, Cobra Starship, Boys Like Girls, Cartel, Ryanhood, Woods Tea Company, Jeremy Buck and the Bang, Black Tide, Operator, Avenged Sevenfold, AFI and many others at Warped Tour, and I have me and my cousin's tickets for Jimmy Eat World and Paramore next month!
70) I am going to cry my eyes out when my cousin leaves for college. I'm not looking forward to it at all.
71) I wrote some really good song lyrics...then lost the binder they are all in.
72) The little Heise golf course is my favorite golf course as of now.
73) I try really hard not to be hypocritical since hypocritical people drive me nuts.
74) Certain songs remind me of certain people.
75) I have friends from all kinds of "groups" and I wouldn't have it any other way.
76) I really like when people make mix CDs for me.
77) I love making new friends.
78) I'm probably the jumpiest person alive.
79) I'm a slow hiker. I like enjoying the scenery and not killing myself to get to the top fast.
80) I'm a slightly picky eater.
81) I've been pulled over twice but somehow the only ticket I've ever gotten was a parking ticket.
82) I love fruit.
83) I don't like going to expensive restaurants on dates because it makes me feel bad they are spending so much money on me for one meal.
84) I connect with a lot of people.
85) I am going to learn how to quilt.
86) I hate fighting with people. It's one of the worst feelings in the world.
87) I love whitewater rafting.
88) I really like when guys are gentlemen.
89) I like giving compliments.
90) There are a lot of places in the world I have goals to see.
91) I still bleed orange. (Probably only people from here will understand that.)
92) I like watching scary movies as long as I'm not alone.
93) I am now used to getting treats for 75 people...for around 50 dollars or under.
94) I love federal holidays. No classes! :0)
95) I don't particularly like wearing shoes. I can't wait until it's warm enough for sandals.
96) I'm a daddy's girl.
97) I love camping.
98) I like buying flowers for my friends.
99) I only like pens with blue ink.
100) The fact that I attract OLD men is sometimes funny, but sometimes excruciatingly frustrating.

Well, there's 100 random things about me!