Sunday, September 30, 2012

We are still alive!

  Poor blog, I've left you to shrivel up and die.

  This is me posting to let everyone know that we are indeed, alive and well.  (Read: as well as we can be as two full time-students trying to juggle school, home, jobs, church, church calling, family, and and each other.  ;)  Read also: messy house and waaay too much eating out.  Haha!

  I am in my last semester of nursing school!  Those five stinker letters (BSN, RN) are getting closer by the day!  Honestly, it doesn't even seem real.  It took me forever to realize that I've done nothing but school and breaks for 19 years, so that's probably why it isn't clicking in my brain that I'm almost done!
  I don't really have a church calling right now.. I was a nursery leader but I got "relieved" (they never officially released me) and they said I'm the first person they'll call to substitute.  Doug has been the 11 year old scout leader for several years and he loves it.  This year has been rough, though.  The other scout leader who was fantastic moved away last year.  Since then, there has been nothing but problems of one sort or another.  He hasn't had a reliable leader partner (there have been 4 others called since then) since the awesome partner moved.  For most of this time too, there haven't been very many boys, or very many boys who will come.  Doug is such a good sport about it all!  The newest leader (#4) seems to be doing pretty okay so far though, so we'll cross our fingers tight!
  Doug will graduate in December 2013 in Integrated Studio Arts (emphasis in Graphic Design) with a minor in Web Development.  He loves his work!  It's such a good thing too, because he has SOOO much homework all the time it's ridiculous.  He is always sitting on his laptop working on something for his graphic design class.  Can I tell you how rude people can be when I say my husband is going into graphic design?!  I was at the dentist's office and told them I was going into nursing and Doug is going into graphic design, and the lady had the audacity to say, "At least you'll have a real job."  Umm.  Rawr.  I think my blood pressure is going up just thinking about it!  ;)

  On a totally random note- I've been thinking about starting a new blog with Doug.  I was thinking something along the lines of "A Nurse and her Graphic Designer."  I could post about all things girly and nurse-ish and Doug could post about graphic design stuff that is totally useful!  (How to install fonts from the internet, simple Adobe Suite tutorials, etc).  I just don't know if it would be too random for anyone to enjoy!  I have way too many, makeup, cooking, nails, health... Would anyone read a blog like that written by us?!