Monday, July 20, 2009

The joke of the vet clinic

Warning: if you have one, put your drink down. If you end up thinking this story is as funny as I do, your monitor will not appreciate a shower.

Flashback to years and years ago (probably close to 15 years ago):
My family sold an old vehicle to a Mexican family. They were soo thrilled that they handmade and painted a leather case that fit around a bottle of tequila and gave them to us as a gift. My parents kept it because the case was neat and it was hand painted.

About two weeks before present time:
My parents came to visit us for several days so they brought their 2 cats so no one had to come take care of them while my parents were gone. I miss the kitties so I was glad to see them. However, one of the little stinkers got hungry and tore holes in MY cat's bag of cat food. After my parents left, when my cat would get hungry, she would try and tear the holes even more.

Present time:
I moved the bottle of tequila and noticed the case had writing painted on it too, which I had never noticed. I hadn't looked at it closely since we had received it, probably. So I tipped the bottle over to try and read since I have taken far too many Spanish classes. Well, apparently the seal of the bottle broke, and tequila spilled out all over my hand and of course, the cat food bag just HAD to be right under the accident scene. Tequila got on the outside but there were holes all over it.
My cat was acting starved so after washing my hands and stowing the tequila away in a plastic bag, I felt her food and after deeming it dry, I gave her some. I regretted it as I became worried tequila had indeed gotten into the food and would poison her. I took the food away from her and called my mom for advice. She thought the alcohol would have evaporated but I was still worried. I said, "I can't just call the vet office and ask if tequila on my cat food is going to kill her!" My mom finally convinced me to call the office and not try and explain that I don't drink, but just ask if it would hurt my cat. So I did it. I really called the vet to ask if tequila would poison my cat.

Me: "Hi, are any of the vets available? I have a question."
Receptionist: "They are all with clients right now, but if you tell me your question I can ask them when they are done and have them call you back."
Me: "Okay.. Well, my cat food bag has a bunch of holes in it and some tequila spilled out and I'm worried it got into her food. Is it going to hurt her?"
Receptionist: "A vet just came out. Let me go ask."
Receptionist: "The alcohol evaporates very quickly so your cat should be fine."

Really?! Who else in the world but me falls upon the misfortune of having to call the vet to ask if tequila will poison their cat?!?!?! I don't know how the receptionist managed to stay calm on the phone, but I am sure I was the laughing stock of that clinic once she hung up.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Recipe Blog!!!!

I finally got my recipe blog up and running with a couple recipes to start it off with! Go check it out! There will be lots and lots more to come. :D

Also be sure to check out the post below, it's new. Funny I should get my recipe blog going after the post about how my kitchen is doomed....