Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear college textbook publishers,

To quote the movie Little Rascals, "I hate your are the scuuuum between my toes!"

There is something wrong with this picture.

Anatomy and Physiology package: $273
Spanish textbook (paper back, slightly larger than a normal novel): $92
Spanish novel (I saved ten dollars because I thought to order it through Barnes and Noble): $9
Statistics textbook: $137
Medical Terminology textbook: $73
Literature textbook: $65
Anthropology book 1: $22
Anthropology book 2: $18
Anthropology book 3: $20
Anthropology book 4 (the only textbook I could get used this semester): $18
(Yes, there were FOUR required books for anthropology, for crying out loud!)

Going to college: totally not priceless!

Before taxes: $727.
After taxes: $771 for required textbooks alone, that's not including some of the optional things I bought.

I bought my spanish textbook by itself one day and it made me feel slightly better and slightly worse that the cashier gasped when she told me my 92 dollar total for the stupid novel sized paperback textbook.

I hate textbook publishers almost as much as oil companies.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

One of those weeks.

I give up on life this week! I feel like my brain fell out somewhere and I'm trying to crawl along without it. Here are some of the highlights of my week.

Monday I almost lit the kitchen on fire for my very first time. Out of habit I lit the front burner of the stove when I really meant to light the back one. I was doing other stuff in the kitchen thinking those popping and sizzling noises were the water coming to a boil. Then I saw smoke from the front burner. I had put a bag of vegetables partially on the front burner...the one I lit.

Wednesday I walked into a bakery and bought two loaves of bread. I paid and carefully put my change back in my wallet and walked out of the store. I was about halfway to my truck when they came out chasing me with my bread that I had left right on the counter.

Today I think beats them all. You know there's a certain time of month when a woman just NEEDS what she wants to eat... Well I was looking through my recipes and found my favorite cookie recipe that I haven't made in ages because they take forever to make. Well they sounded really good so I decided to make them. I had about half the ingredients mixed and went to grab the baking soda and the box was gone. I couldn't find it. So I grabbed a bucket to stand on and went digging around the very tip top shelf and voila there was a tiny unopened box. I made my cookies and when the first batch came out I ate one hot. Yum. Then I ate another one and it tasted a little weird so of course I had to try another. The third one actually burned my mouth, and not from temperature. Then I had a memory of putting the baking soda in and thinking that looked like a lot. I looked at my measuring spoons and sure enough, the TABLESPOON had remnants of white dust on it, INSTEAD OF THE TEASPOON. I apparently put in four tablespoons, instead of four teaspoons. ARGHGHGHGH. I tried to salvage the rest of the dough by adding more of a couple things, but when I baked it it didn't look right and when I tasted it I got so mad I threw everything away. So I was happy I had put dinner in the crock pot a few hours earlier and I knew it was going to be good, so I went to get it to serve it AND....(drumroll)....I had unplugged the crock pot to plug in the mixer for the cookies and never plugged the crock pot in. My eyes honestly filled with tears and if someone hadn't have been standing with me, I would have burst right into tears. So here I sit, waiting for my stupid dinner to rewarm in the crock pot. (And yes, I did remember to plug it back in this time.)