Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If you need a laugh

If you need a laugh, keep reading.

Colleges are places with lots of people. When you have so many people, you're bound to run in to every type. I just had the fortune of running into what I would say in a very sarcastic voice are "high, high class" people.

The very first session of Statistics (Monday) ended with a guy arguing with the professor about an answer for around 10 minutes. It was the kind of question that gave two possible answers and we had to decide which was correct. Wednesday (today) the professor started off class by telling us that the answer that had been argued over was both of the answers and explained why. The boy, meanwhile, was playing on his laptop and I'm sure didn't hear a word she said. Funny how that works!

My next and favorite experiences were in my literature class. Right before class started a girl came and sat in the desk in front of me. I noticed how big her hair was, it looked a little thick but she didn't manage it right. Instead of doing something to try and tame it down even a little bit, how she had it made it come out almost to the sides of her shoulders. It was like looking at a hairy upside down V. Here is the clincher... the professor walked and stood in front of our row and I literally could not see any trace of him. He totally and completely disappeared behind her hair. It was extremely difficult to hold in the giggles.
Meanwhile, diagonal to me, was a black guy wearing a dew rag and his sunglasses. He kept sticking his lips out which was pretty funny in itself. The killer was when he turned to look around the class (facing right in my direction) and had his lips stuck out all the way to his nose. And he wasn't trying to be funny! I really think he thought it was hot!! I was trying sooo hard not to burst out laughing. And as if that wasn't enough, when he turned back around, he proceeded to stroke his lips. Not in the side to side way which is somewhat normal but UP and DOWN. While they were still stuck out. The effort of not laughing was making my whole body tingle.

Just over an hour and a half later I headed to anatomy and physiology lab. I had an advantage since I was one of the only ones who had already had lecture..but still this is funny. The TA went over tissue types and then we were looking at slides of them. I had a microscope to myself and an older woman came over and had muttered something about not being able to find anything and asked me if I had found anything. (That immediately hit me that she probably didn't have a clue how to use a microscope since these were GOOD slides. And at the beginning of class the TA had asked if anyone didn't know how to use one and no one raised their hands...) Anyways. I told her yes and she asked me if she could look, so I let her. Here is the conversation. Excuse my little notes on it, but you really have to know how her voice was to get complete enjoyment out of what she said.

Her, in an utterly and completely dumbfounded voice- "What is that?!"
Me (wondering why she didn't just look at the sticker on the slide)- "Adipose."
Her- "Where is that found??"
Me- "Fat."
Her (absolutely gushing)- "Oh my gosh you are sooooo smart!!!!!! You know sooooo much!!!"
Me- "Well I should be, I've had this stuff over and over again."
Her (in a voice that said, I shouldn't have assumed you were smart since you apparently you have to take this class over again)- "Oh, have you taken this before?"
Me- "No. I took a high school anat and phys class that was taught at a college level, I took a biology class that had a big section on anat and phys, and I'm an EMT."
Me- "Umm...not really. With as many times as I've had this stuff I should be better at it."
Her (gushing again)- "Well if you ever want to give me a tip or anything.." as she walked away.

Honestly. How much more awkward can a conversation about a school topic get?!?! I was standing there seriously feeling like a Greek god being hailed or something. Just because I knew what adipose is and where it's found. I guess some people are just incredibly easy to please. I wish she was the one grading my tests... haha!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The things we say..

Here is a quick funny story.

The background: Friday I left for Utah with Doug and his family for his family reunion. I forgot to pack a PJ shirt so last second I put one on top of my bag, under the straps. Saturday I met Missy and went to Lagoon and spent the night in Salt Lake with her, Dan, and Nicole.

The story: Picture this..Saturday night I was completely exhausted from not sleeping well the night before and being very active all day at a water park and then Lagoon. I was getting ready for bed and here is the conversation in a nutshell:

Me: "Crap, my shirt fell off in his car."
Nicole: "Oh it FELL off, did it??"
Me (embarrassed): "Yeah, it was on my bag."
Nicole: "On your back?!"

Okay, so that's pretty dirty but completely innocent at the same time. Don't pretend like you didn't laugh, or at least smile. :)