Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Blue Angels

If you haven't seen the Blue Angels before, you HAVE to go see them if they're ever anywhere near you!

Two days before the show, I was at my friend Kourtney's house and the Blue Angels started practicing and flying right over her house. Once we figured out what that loud noise was, we were like little kids running outside to see them. My parents came down the weekend of the show and my mom had a great idea of where we could go watch for free. We ended up right next to the runway, with free parking, and no ticket price. :) It was the most perfect spot- they would fly right over us all the time.
Feast your eyes on the wonder that mere mortals know only as the Blue Angels. :)

See how low they got? We had such a perfect spot.

Holy cow....

I spy with my little eyes: two upside down planes. Can you spy them too? How on EARTH do they do that?!?! (A common question in my mind throughout the show)

I don't get how they can fly that close together! If any of them even hiccuped they'd all die.

We had so much fun! There's nothing like seeing something so amazing that you can't stop saying, "Oh wow!" "Holy cow!" "How do they do that?" "That's impossible, but they do it anyway!" every other second. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prayers For Preslee

I stumbled across the story about this family. I don't know them, but it broke my heart. A young couple in Rexburg has a daughter named Preslee. A few days ago, she fell in a canal and a farmer found her 2 miles down. She's at Primary Children's now. Go check out their blogs and say a prayer for her. They look like SUCH a sweet family.