Thursday, June 30, 2011

Island Park Day 3

The last day we had a slow morning and enjoyed breakfast burritos. Andrew made several smaller ones and lovingly referred to them as "Mini 'hos" (mini Idaho burritos). Haha! We went to Big Springs and fed the fish, birds, and some sort of little creature. It rained pretty hard while we were there but it was still really fun. Everyone got into their tye dye for a group picture before we left.

How many people does it take to get a shirt on Ty? ;) Steven and Lynn got it on eventually. Plus you can see a couple of the awesome (but sadly pink) tye dye shirts.

Andrew attacking Stacey. Haha :)

Ty feeding the cool little animal at Big Springs..not really sure what it was but it LOVED bread!

It was raining pretty hard!

I was trying to get pictures of him to show the rain on his face...isn't this one adorable?