Monday, November 16, 2009

The Crazy Lady at Wendy's

Here is a story that is funny, sad, and sure to make you shake your head. (I know, I get to

Doug and I were going to a movie and decided to grab dinner at Wendy's beforehand. It was on a weeknight and at an odd time so there were only two other tables of people and a few people behind us in line. We got our food and sat down at the second-to-farthest-from-the-counter table. We were eating when I saw a lady and a teenager walk in and march to the counter.
I heard, "BLAH BLAH BLAH SO I WANT A REFUND!" The manager kindly said, "I'd be happy to do that for you." The lady started railing on so loud that we could hear almost every word she said. She was yelling something about how her daughter had ordered her fries with no salt and she had seen them shake the salt shaker all over them. She accused the poor kid who took their order of saying things. She yelled (several times), "AND TO LET YOUR EMPLOYEES STAND BACK THERE AND TALK ABOUT CUSTOMERS...THAT IS SOOO UNPROFESSIONAL!" She continued on and said to the kid who took their order, "I AM HERE TO TALK TO YOUR MANAGER! YOU ARE JUST THE LOW MAN ON THE TOTEM POLE!!! WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING AROUND?!?! GO CLEAN THAT FILTHY FLOOR!" This lady was so crazy that if we were in a big city, I'd honestly be scared she would pull out a gun and shoot the manager and kid. After more than five minutes of yelling, she finally stomped away.
We went up and talked to the people at the front since Doug knows them all, and the "talking about customers" was someone had mentioned something and used the phrase, "the girl who needs no salt on her fries."
Honestly?!?!?! Was it really worth yelling, insulting people, and making a bum of yourself to ask for a refund and make your "point"? How sad! People. *Sigh*