Saturday, May 1, 2010


The most recent 3 blogs (all published tonight) published in a weird order. I meant for the older stuff to be at the bottom. Read all the way down to the Sleepover one! :)

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Like our anniversary post, this is almost 3 months late. Oops.

I started my day off by going to work at 8 in the morning. My sweet bosses got me a card and came out and made everyone sing to me. :) When I came home, I couldn't wait to open presents. I got The Proposal and an iPod (from Doug and my parents)! Doug knows me better than I do... I had thought that when I got an iPod I would want a pink one, but he explained as I opened a RED one that the pink ones were nasty and he got me this awesome red one instead. It's so nice! He had engraved on the back: Now we can rock out together. Xoxoxo He's so sweet! We went to my favorite restaurant for dinner.

My angel visiting teacher brought me a present so sweet it almost made me cry! I had raved about some cookies she brought me about a month before. For my birthday, she brought me a plate of hot cookies, a bag of dough that she had frozen so I could have them whenever, a scoop, the recipe, and the chocolate that goes in. Thanks so much Terry!

My mother in law bought me the vinyl saying for the frame that I bought ages ago with it in mind. It's a 24x36 frame that now reads: "Real love stories never has endings." We're going to hang on the wall next to our stairs when we get the motivation to get the ladder in here, haha. She also gave me money that I'm going to use to buy paint for the kitchen! Sweeet! Thanks!
My sister in laws went together and got me a gift card to the most wonderful decorating store! I quickly used it to buy awesome decorations, of course! :)

My parents came down the next weekend and we went to my favorite restaurant again with them. I got free fried ice cream. :) It was a wonderful birthday!

Thanks everyone! Love you all!

Our Anniversary (Posted almost 3 months late...)

So....this is almost three months late. But I figured it would be good to get it on here anyways.

It's been a year already! It's gone by so fast and I love him so much! For our anniversary, we started off by sleeping in! It's a rare day that we can sleep in together, so it was wonderful. We went to go to Avatar 3D but it was sold out. (I should have listened to Doug! It had been out so long that I really didn't think it would still sell out...oopps!!) We changed our plans and bought tickets for the later showing and went to dinner early. My mom was so sweet and had given us money to go to an expensive restaurant. Thanks mom! After dinner, we went and picked up a new wedding cake layer that I surprised Doug with from the same lady that made our cake. We went to the movie and LOVED it! It was both of our first 3D movie and it was an awesome movie too! It was so nice to spend the whole day together.

Pretty cute in 3D glassees, huh? :)


A while back we had our nieces over to our house for a sleepover! We had such a good time! We had pizza for dinner (yum!) and made the world's best brownies together for dessert. I LOVED having the girls helping with the brownies, it was heaven! Needless to say, they were very enthusiastic helpers!

I love these girls so much!!