Friday, December 12, 2008

The Engagement

I know, I's a month late but here is the complete story.

I knew the proposal was coming because we picked my ring together on a Saturday. The following Sunday or Monday I had a very strange dream. It went like this: Doug and I were together and out of nowhere he said, "We have to go to the Wendy's cookie room!" and I said "Okay..." So we went inside this back room and there were cookies strewn everywhere, on the floors, shelves, table, etc. There were also about 40 ring boxes spread throughout the room. He said, "You have to find your ring." So I started opening boxes and they were empty. After opening three I looked at him and said, "Knowing my luck, you would have had it in your pocket the whole time." He shrugged and had an expression on his face like yeah, you got me, and got down on his knee. He didn't say anything and pulled out the ring box and opened it and I saw some red on the ring and thought, that's not my ring!!!! I put it on and realized it was his stretchy silicone CTR ring he wears all the time in real life.
End dream..back to real life. I always tell him my crazy dreams and I told him this one of course since it was also realllly funny. Wednesday I went up to visit him and we ate dinner and sat around for awhile. He went to the bathroom and I heard him come out and then he didn't come back for a couple minutes. He came back with a jacket on and asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. We started walking and it was a freezing, windy night. As we got closer to the temple my hands were getting close to numb til we figured out we could pull his sleeve over our hands. We walked on the temple grounds and up in front of the baptistry doors. He held me for a long time and his heart was beating sooo crazy fast and hard. Finally he grabbed my arms to push me back a little. He got on one knee and said really fast, "Will you marry me?" Then opened the ring box and inside was his stretchy red CTR ring. I said "Yes!" and started laughing and he said, "Just kidding, I have the real one in my pocket." and pulled out my ring.

I love him.